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Our Team

© Created by Federica Di Lorenzo Graphics: Stefania D'angelo Ph: Liliana Ricci

© Created by Federica Di Lorenzo Graphics: Stefania D'angelo Ph: Liliana Ricci

In the LAB 606 Young professional are ready to give you advice based on their personal  experience.

Co founder & Brand Manager


Eugenio Gianetti

Graduated in political science, during my studies, in 2013, I opened my first business and dedicated myself both to managerial and commercial management of a craft beer bar and a cocktail bar. During these years I have also dedicated myself to organizing national and international events dedicated to the sector I worked for. In 2018, together with Emanuele di Veroli and Nicola Lilli, I decided to open Lab 606.

Co-founder & Amministratore


Emanuele Di Veroli

Born in 1990, he holds a master's degree in historical and artistic studies, I obtained a master's degree in F&B Management. I have always done managerial jobs in human resources and large retailers. In 2018, together with Eugenio Gianetti and Nicola Lilli, we founded Lab 606.


Co founder & Legale

Nicola Lilli

Born in Rome on 07/22/82 I graduated in law from La Sapienza University. Member of the Rome Bar Association, I have been collaborating with the Bogino Law Firm since 2008 and have acquired particular professional skills in the fields of civil law, labor law, corporate law, contract and business law, sports law and property-related rights intellectual.


Andrea Pancini

Dottore commercialista

Graduated in Economics and Commerce at the University of Rome 3, I later obtained the title of Chartered Accountant and Professional Mediator. Member of the LMM & Associates law firm since 2009. I worked as a judicial custodian for the Civil Court of Rome, specialized in E.T.S. and other associations.



Jacopo D'amico

I also cultivate a very strong interest in photography, with which I work periodically. I love advertising and editorial graphics, communication and brand identity; I prefer minimalism and am fascinated by post-war Swiss graphics.

Giulia Mandalari

Social Media Manager


Class of '89, I attended the course of Web and Social Media Marketing, after university I started working in an advertising agency as Social Media Manager where I learned the necessary knowledge to allow me to become a freelancer. After several years of freelance experience I started in 2019 to collaborate with Lab 606.


Giacomo Balzanetti


Born in 1988, I’m a roman architect specialized in integrated architectural design.
In 2015, in collaboration with architect Daniela Del Vescovo, we founded Limes Architetti studio in Rome.


Graphic designer

Stefania D'angelo

I am a graphic designer, graduated from the European Institute of Design. After working in various non-profit companies and associations, I became a freelance graphic designer. What I do is create through an image, a dynamic and effective vision for the requests of my clients.

Passionate about design, I have always volunteered for people and animals most in need... because in my opinion creativity means also doing good!


Jacopo Gianetti

Referente bandi di gara

Through the company I represent, I deal with financing requests, on behalf of companies and freelancers, that Europe, through non-repayable or low-interest contributions, makes available to them to create, grow or implement their own reality or business project.

Managment Consultant


Federica Di Lorenzo

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Web developer

Francesco Ecclesie

Francesco Ecclesie currently Driver of Le Wagon Milano is a web-developer, web analyst, IT consultant and product manager. Born in Brindisi, I attended the University of Bari in Computer Science. This work took me to China, India, Cambodia, and half of Europe until I returned to Italy.




Nato nel 2014,Bracco Ungherese certificato. Ombra del padrone e stile di vita da Aristocane.

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